Why We Do

We love this business! The most rewarding part of our company is to hear from our clients once they’re moved in and settled. They’ll appreciate the placement of everyday items – and whether it’s a light switch that’s intuitive or whether it’s the working layout of our kitchen design – this is one of our favorite interactions! Knowing that we got it right, that the client appreciates all of the good design, and ultimately that our customer is satisfied with their new homes – these are the reasons we’re here.

All projects start with a specific plan, which then turns into the dust of construction, and eventually an achievement of the goals. What happens in between is where a job’s true success can be measured. What may be different about us is our desire to spend as much time as possible with the client, learning about their goals, advising on different options which will produce different effects, and eventually putting the final plan in action.


Why We Do

Coats Custom Homes - Why We Do

Even on our spec projects, where we make all the decisions, good design and high quality are the only acceptable results. We would rather spend that extra thousand dollars to move that awkwardly placed window or have our plumber add an extra day to the budget in order to ensure the toilet is exactly where it needs to be. Some might think this is too much effort for a speculation project, but it’s the only way we know how to operate – and it’s always the standard we demand of ourselves.

Please contact us or come see one of our current projects to see first hand, why we do this work. We take seriously our company’s mission statement: We work to improve the living environment of our customers through the use of high quality materials, attention to detail, and a passion for design. We are ever mindful that our finished product will be your place of memories.

Quotes We Deliver Amazing Spaces Using High Quality Materials At The Very Best Value! Quote Mark

- Kevin Coats

Quotes We Love This Business And We're Very Proud Of Our Work! Let Us Show You Why! Quote Mark

- Debbie Coats



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