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Coats Custom Homes is a family owned company which has been doing business in some form for more than 25 years.  And although we have changed and evolved through the years, the core principles of the company remain steadfast and our neverending quest to produce the finest finished product is as alive today as ever.

Debbie Coats

Debbie Coats

A real estate broker who manages the company’s acquisitions and the sales of our spec projects, and who is immersed in the finish materials of each project.  Debbie is responsible for helping to identify the properties which will make good remodel projects and negotiate a good deal which in turn allows us to maximum our ability to transform the property into its very best self.  We would rather not accept a project than start work on one which doesn’t allow us to create the best finished product.

When you see our homes, look closely at the shingle color, the exterior paint color, the interior hardwood floor stain color, and you can trust that Debbie spent all the time necessary to satisfy our standard that the selection made was absolutely the right one.  Make sure you contact her for a tour of any project currently under construction or under remodel.  Debbie will also assist you with information on pricing and availability.  And when you’re communicating with us socially, there’s a good chance it’s Debbie on the other end!

Kevin Coats

Developer and Designer, he manages all aspects of the construction process including all the important design details.  A master of kitchen and bathroom design, Kevin will spend countless hours making certain that every project meets our high standards of construction, including great looking spaces with exceptional functionality, room by room.  When he’s not working with City of Raleigh on plans and permitting, or sitting at the drawing board considering how something will look and how it will function, you’ll find him on-site at each project, every day, making certain the team is working together to produce the very best product.

When you see our homes, study closely the open flowing floorplan, at the quality of the door knobs, at the style of the windows, at the placement of things most people find as trivial as a switch or light bulb, and you’ll quickly realize that many hours went into the planning and placement of these fixtures and Kevin loves all the credit.

Gary Coats

Gary Coats

Founder of the original Coats Construction Company, Gary was a building-framer at heart.  The company originally began only working on new construction projects and in fact, many homes in new construction subdivisions around the Clayton/Cleveland School area, built in the 1980s/1990s, were framed by us.  Sadly, Gary passed away in 2000 but the very next year, Kevin began his full time career in the real estate business and moved the company’s focus to the Raleigh Five Points market.  Over time, the business became focused on all aspects of construction and remodeling.  Yet, the high standards begun under the leadership of Gary Coats continue to live on and remain strong.

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- Kevin Coats

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